And I wondered all this time ‘bout how you been
And I hope by chance, I see you once again
I’d love to kiss your lips, babe, once again
I long to hold you tight, girl, one mo’ gin

I miss your smile, your mouth, your laughter
Never bumped into your kind before or after

D’AngelIo - One Mo’Gin.




..I ain’t no perfect man, I’m trying to do
The best that I can, with that it is I have…

Umi Says


UNKLE - rabbit in your headlights


Common - The Light.

I never knew a luh-luh-luh-a-love like this..


UNKLE - Lonely Soul.

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And maybe some time we can hook up… hang out… just chill..

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D’Angelo - Lady

I’m back chilling with a friend of mine, she mighty fine
But I notice that her heart resides next to bitterness
Always hollering who she don’t like and who she kick it with
Who she wanna fight, who wearing a weave
Who Dooney and Bourke bag is fake, who holding the keys
To the car she drove last year or who fucking on who
And who need a pap smear, getting on my nerves
But before your negative energy curve,
Bitch I’mma cut you off